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Last updated: April 17, 2014
I talked to a musician friend of mine at a concert recently and he said he'd heard of pretty recent Terminal Cheesecake gigs in the UK. Keep 'em coming boys! :)

Hopefully the discography below is a pretty accurate record of the works of Terminal Cheesecake and Bud Alzir. With the advent of sites like discogs.com the use for a discography like this have diminished. However, I've had this list up on the web in different shapes and sites since the 90's so I like to keep it up for nostalgia's sake. There is nothing wrong with secondary sources also. There were talks years ago about a new release by TC, but I never heard of any actual release so I guess that never happened. However, if you know anything about the band that is not reflected in the discography please let me know.

NOTE1: This discography is originally based on a message posted by mr aquese on August 08, 1998 at 08:51:08 in some newsgroup. I have later completed the list with various pieces of information that I have found on the web. For example the excellent site Crumbling Flesh at godflesh.com under related projects. Other contributors is so far alzir, S.H. Carlino, Séamus Beoirgrá, Romi, Simon Doling and Will Mainwaring. Thanks guys!

Terminal Cheesecake

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Bud Alzir

7" and 12" EP


Compilation tracks

TC members

This is a list of people that have played with Terminal Cheesecake at some point in time. All information about band members is provided by Simon Doling. Thanks Simon!

Gary Boniface - Former drummer with rockabilly bands who went on to front the marvelous VIBES and THE PURPLE THINGS. Records dificult but possible to find at Media Burn Records.

Russell Smith - Worked with the insane SKULLFLOWER and was also involved in the making of "Pump up the volume"!

Gordon Watson - Also played with grebo rockers JNR MANSON SLAGS.

Steven Fesinger (a.k.a. FEZ) - Musical origins very shakey(?).

Joe Whitney - After his short stint in Terminal Cheesecake played in MINXUS and THE FLAMING STARS and now fronts JOE WHITNEY AND THE TROPICS OF CANCER.

Simon Doling - Originally in blues dub merchants WORLD DOMINATION ENTERPRISES for their last year of existence, then played bass with another early Wiija band called THULE before returning to the drums for Terminal Cheesecake. Post Cheesecake played with OIL SEED RAPE and even a short spell with COLLAPSED LUNG before getting down to production and sound engineering work. Since the summer of 2004 Simon Doling along with Gordon Watson have been involved in THE DAMO SUZUKI NETWORK (singer of kraut legends CAN), coming together with Damo in Cambrige, UK to play a sets of shows alongside Gary Jeff or God and Karl Asa of Foal. More shows are planned in the UK in the autumn of 2005.

Other sites

Crumbling Flesh
Primarily about Godflesh (another good band by the way) but features some TC information too under related projects.

Unhealing Wounds
Séamus Beoirgrá had a website dedicated to Terminal Cheesecake and the Bud Alzir-spinoff. This is an archived version from the Wayback Machine, sadly without pictures.

Related information

For research and enlightenment purposes, here is the text on the back of the "Angels in Pigtails" album.

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